This section is a little less clear for me to explain through language as it can only be known through experience. One can read "The Dark Night of The Soul" but until one walks through such a personal journey it remains "outside" of our true understanding. How do you explain something as remarkable as the wind, for example, to someone who has not experienced it? It exists but is not seen. Her presence upon other objects can be seen and she can be felt and yet she is invisible to the eye. Comprised of so many facets both beautiful and frightening simultaneously, completely independent of our beliefs. The wind exists. Spirituality exists. She does not require our understanding, support, acceptance or rejection. She exists within The Soul of The World.

With awakening and inner expansion, there is nothing that can be forced or rushed. The doors open when the time is right an when we have earned stepping upon the next rung of the ladder, period! If we jump ahead, impatient perhaps or if we push too hard, certain we are headed in the right direction, movement can stop. We can feel like we are in quicksand, actually an unseen gift to slow us down and stop us, to protect us so we pay attention and listen. Otherwise, we open ourselves up for the opportunity to become blind sided. It is no different from being caught ill prepared in the outdoors without the proper gear. We are but a strand within the web of life, not the web itself.

Awareness, openness to all possibilities combined with the willingness to really look within ourselves paves the way towards growth and change, making room within, for transformation and grace to move through us.

Since I was a little girl, I have had an intense connection to the natural and spiritual worlds. This was not an area of life I ever questioned and I have always felt much solace and comfort here. My experience ranges from powerful interactions with the animal kingdom to the spiritual realms, angels, those whom have crossed over and mother nature, particularly trees and plants. Children also have a powerful role to play in my life and visa versa.

We all have the ability to feel vibrational energy and the connectedness and oneness of all things. Without practice and presence it is also easy to lose it. Everyone has experienced serendipity or "coincidence", the times in life when everything is just flowing. There is so much to be gained from stillness and meditation, listening to our guidance, studying other cultures and ways of life, listening to what the earth has to teach us. This is an area that has to be experienced as any other attempt to explain it limits and dulls the brightness and beauty of the magic it holds. For how does one explain the majesty and power of the ocean by sharing a small cup, a precious few drops of her essence. It is not possible just as the mind is not able to fathom the realms of spirit, nor is it meant to. It has a different job description. Our hearts and souls are our guides and guardians here.