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Sheila B. Tillich - Professional Profile

Image of Sheila B. Tillich smilingSheila’s spiritual journey began 30 years ago and has since had several awakenings that positively changed her life and encouraged her to become a student of holistic health and spiritual energy. Today Sheila is a Master Instructor for Integrated Energy Therapy ® (IET) and a Holistic Health Energy Practitioner. She trained under Stevan Thayer, the creator of Integrated Energy Therapy® and the founding director of the Center of Being, Inc. Sheila was named as one of the Top Integrated Energy Therapy® Instructors of 2015 by The Center of Being!

Sheila provides natural, holistic therapy to heal our pasts and unlock the soul’s purpose. She subscribes to one very powerful belief that guides her work: love is the essence of healing, and it is available within everyone. She fully supports the underlying concept of IET® which is to integrate the pain of the past, into the power of the present, to bring about the joy of the future. Sheila’s ability to connect with energies allows her to provide natural and gentle healing sessions that support a self-healing process to remove the physical, emotional, mental and spiritualailments that hinder personal growth. Her goal is to demonstrate and encourage her clients to stay holistically healthy.

In addition to IET® certifications that allow her to offer private IET® sessions and teach IET® to future practitioners, Sheila is also certified as a Reiki II practitioner, a meditation coach, an Angel Card Reader through Doreen Virtue, an Angel Intuitive, and in Essential Oil Clinical Application. She has spent many years as a palliative hospice caregiver and finds several families turn to IET® to assist them with their fears and accept the dying process while gaining confidence in the continuity of life.

“I am privileged in helping others heal from their wounds and transcend towards their soul's purpose,” says Tillich. As a practitioner and instructor, she takes her gift seriously and shares it with others in the most sincere, trusting, and natural way.