Sacred Creations

An image of a Mayan painting on a wall

Mayan Magic / Global Cafe

The Rainforest plants are some of the highest vibrational beings alive. They are the stewards of the earth. They have much to teach us if we choose to listen and hear their wise whispers. If humanity ever had a true teacher, giver of knowledge and life, it is with mother earth and her wheel of wisdom.”

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An image of several stacks of books on a desk

Glass Blowing

Fire ignites me. Working with glass is a vibrant and intense avenue for how we can flow, reform, mold and create through the internal and external expression of our being. You must be ever present when working with glass as fire is not very forgiving if you drift out of awareness. Flux, expansion and movement, the different stages of molten glass. She flexes and bends, teaching the art of alchemy, patience, success and failure to those who wish to engage. How we apply these lessons in our daily lives depends upon how we choose to traverse our inner terrain.

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