Xavier Vidot - Professional Profile

Xavier Vidot - Professional Profile

Image of Xavier Vidot smilingRasmussen College Graduate

Web developer at Ocoos

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Working with Amita on her website has become a very memorable and eye opening experience for me. It made me think about projects in different ways and work with different perspectives on things. I'm lucky to have had the chance to connect with someone that has so much insight to offer.

Ever since the first conversation I've had with her, there was this feeling that is hard to describe as someone who is not spiritual. The energy of her experience seems to be projected in every word she says during a conversation. I felt as though Amita had experienced things far beyond my understanding and brought with her whatever positive energy she attained from them.

She has made me aware of aspects of humanity, both good and bad, that normally get overlooked in day to day life. Because of her I feel that helping people is even more important than I had before. I've learned through her that everyone has struggles, pain, and hardships but you can overcome them with your heart still beating and the will to bring out a positive energy that can be used to help those who need you.

I look forward to seeing her continue to help people and I'm glad I've had the chance to work closely with her. It has been an experience that will definitely stay with me.