Writing & Media

Writing & Media

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Art is one of my passions! Creativity and originality feed me in so many ways. I find when I am creating, especially with earth elements, the rest of my life flows much more freely. Regardless of the modality I am using and creating through, the act of creating opens me up in all areas of my life.

When I write, it flows through me like a stream.
I have been writing in various forms since I was young, starting with poetry. This is a form which allows me to express my heart's feelings without any analysis.

Communication, design, bringing beauty and flow to whatever I am working on helps to hold my inner alignment, my well-being.

Bringing messages through these avenues is a blessing not only for myself, hopefully also for others seeking their Path of The Heart.

“Amita Welles is a visionary with sacred sight,a Seer of subtlety who uses her abilities for healing,for source work and for guidance into inner integrity.She is a bridge builder between realms,and uses her profound connections to promote the rising Harmony.“

-William Howell
Founder Sanctuary House:Non-profit sponsor of the Camino de Crestone

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I have written two books, coming out in December 2020. 

One is a true story for all ages called, "My Horse, The Hummingbird and a Very Small Tiger." It has been updated and re-published.

My Second book is called, "Have Animal Crackers, Will Travel". It is a compilation of powerful and personal writings forged from the fires of my heart and my wild nature. 

Also in this section are two articles on consciousness and awareness that I was asked to write for The Alive Newsletter which circulated Northern Arizona.

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"Nature’s Secret Messages” by Elaine Wilkes PhD., N.C., M.A.
Elaine is a powerhouse who I had to pleasure to meet a few years back. We were both at a special teaching of an ancient meditation practice by a master in that field when she approached me and asked me if we could speak. She both Interviewed me and asked me if I would write a small section in her book. I was deeply honored by her request. My sharing is on reconnecting with one’s inner voice, re-aligning oneself with presence and listening, communing with nature and the plants and experiential interaction. 

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The following is a 6.3 minute video I made a few years ago with the help and guidance of a friend, Daniel San. I felt pulled to create a visual framework linking some of the many elements that have and do enrich and guide my life. A pathway to share some of my understanding regarding the intricacies that weave our web of connection throughout the matrix of the soul of the world.

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Speaking Engagements

I have had the honor of speaking on various platforms. Community awareness performances, speaking to the public as a volunteer for a birds of prey program, where this photo was taken, as a guest speaker at the Bioneers conference in Arizona, health expositions and schools. I am deeply grateful for these opportunities for personal growth, education, sharing and sharing teamwork with some very wonderful people.

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Poetry / Productions

I have written all of my life in various forms and styles, poetry being one of my expressions. Creative expression in whatever form helps the heart to sing. with more and more challenge in our world, raising vibration and positivity is essential.

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