Treasures Bequeathed

Treasures Bequeathed

This final page on my website has come to life from the urgings of a dear friend whose council I trust. He told me he felt it was an integral aspect of my character and path that should be honored. He expressed that it shows how people, places and material objects of importance are brought to me versus me seeking them. I agree as this is an area of my life that continually astounds me and I always feel excited, like a child when it occurs. I know this continual state of gratitude is part of the flow that fuels the unfolding.

I am going to share a few sacred encounters here together with some photos. All I have written on this website is to help open, excite, inspire, draw, heal and feed your hearts, paths and truest desires as well as my own. It is the infinity of all things.

I have been patient on my path awaiting the arrival of old soul family and friends so that I too have a loving network and support around me. Timing and letting go of expectations are ingredients for blessings to arise. All beings are deserving of love, support, kindness and gentleness.

When I “hear” a message, I listen to the best of my ability without asking “why”. I know that each step will lead me through the next door. Being present and focused with the task at hand is the mandate.

When I journeyed to both Central and South America, I had extraordinary events take place. Before my trip to Central America, I had a vision 2 years prior. I saw and felt an image in the Rainforest that was vibrantly alive as though I were there. There was a young girl with long dark hair standing next to a man who felt like her father. He was holding an ocre like powder in one hand and berries in the other. I often unable to recall many details from my visions after they have passed as they are not for my conscious mind. They come through and leave once I have received the message. This one was unusual. All I knew was that in the next 2 years approximately, I would be taking my first trip to Central America and that it was connected to the Rainforest and a tree.

2 years later, the trip appeared and off I went. Throughout this journey, much unfolded. What I am to share here is that one morning while in a fruit market, A woman approached me and when she looked into my eyes, she said, " I believe I am to invite you to a special gathering of elders and other guests for an Earth Ceremony. Would you be interested?" Of course I said yes. I had never seen this woman before. We went to the gathering and as we entered, this woman was excited to introduce me to a special guest. We walked up to a man whose back was towards us and as he turned round, I gasped and covered my mouth with my hand. It was the man from my vision. I was stunned. Before, I could speak, he gasped and smiled and said," Ah, it is you! You received the vision? Yes? That was you when you were my daughter." I had not even spoken yet. It was magnificent. He said this to me in Spanish and though I understood, the woman beside me was translating while she was also working to compose herself. Albino Vasquez was his name and were together all the evening, talking and sharing about the earth and spirit, my path, our past knowing of one another etc. I have never to this day met such a loving, kind and gentle soul as this man. I was able to feel his love as my father from the past and it filled places inside of me that needed deep quenching. Other things occurred at that ceremony but this is all I am to share here.

Every night, during my journey to South America, I would receive my itinerary so to speak for the following day during my dream time.

While in La Paz, Bolivia, I knew I was to acquire a woven belt. These beautifully loomed belts are worn by the Bolivian people. I did not know the whys or whats but I walked with the other people I was with from stall to stall looking. At one point, we entered a particular small shop as they knew the owner. I told the woman what I was looking for and she pointed out several beautifully woven belts but they were not “the one". One young man told me she had an exquisite belt that was very old, her grandmothers and that he had asked her over the last two years if he could purchase it. She had refused. I told her the belts were lovely but not right. She paused and looked at me with a concentrated gaze and slowly walked away. She returned with her grandmothers belt and placed it in my hands. As she did so, an electricity went through me and I said over and over, “This is it! This is it!” She told me it was precious to her and not for sale telling me her grandmother worked with the plants of the earth and wove it herself, coloring it with natural dyes from the plants. She had wanted to show it to me. I thanked her for allowing me to touch it and said perhaps this was the reason I had been sent to her, to hear her story and hold this treasure. She continued to look at me and then without warning, she placed the belt into my hands. She said her grandmother would want it to be with me and that I had to promise to continue the work with the earth and the plants. I started shaking with emotion and humility while the mouths dropped open of those who were with me. There had to be an energetic exchange and I gave her a small sum that she asked me for. It was trivial to the the true gift exchanging hands.

Many extraordinary events transpired in Bolivia. I am sharing but a sampling. One morning, I awoke knowing I was to locate a small restaurant and that there was someone I was to meet there. I wandered the streets for ages feeling my way. Finally, I located a stair case on a side street that lead up to a small restaurant. I knew I had found it! It was an incredible place! I was with a friend and we sat down to eat, all the while the owner was watching me closely from across the room. I shared that he was going to come over and talk to me and that he was my reason for being there. Sure enough, about 2 minutes later he came over anxious to talk, telling me it was most urgent that we spoke. I spent over 3 hours with this man. He gifted me another treasure, this one of feathers that had been shed by a great bird. They were old and had been found and gathered from the Earth. He told me he had held them for me for a long time. He knew I was coming and told me he had been safe keeping them for me as they were for my work here on the planet. I tried to refuse them saying he must have the wrong person! He almost came unglued telling me that I had to take them! They were intended for me! Needless to say I accepted them with great reverence. I was then detained at the Chilean border for having them. They were confiscated only to be returned to me days later. I had told the truth and clearly they were meant to travel with me.

On this same trip, while in Chile I met a jeweler. I was walking down a small street and I literally felt like I was grabbed and pulled sideways through the doorway of a small shop. There, a man was working at his bench with an open bottle of wine and music playing. He had beautiful jewelry. He looked up and met my eyes. He put his hand to his chest and with tears in his eyes asked me who I was. I was a bit startled as he said felt an energy in his heart he had never felt before. He promptly stood up and came over to me telling me," You are connected to the Mayans yes?" It was like being in a movie. He designed Mayan earrings for me with tree roots at the top as I had to have trees connecting the pieces together. He crushed turquoise placing it at the heart centers of the earrings. I knew him for 2 days and over the past many years, I still periodically receive messages from him asking how I am.

In Peru, I was gifted was looks to be a simple silver band, a ring, by Senior Vidal, the elder whose spiritual center I visited and whose bread oven I helped to repair. He gave me this ring telling me it belonged to an elder, a woman who worked with the earth and healing and that she would want me to have it. I knew better than to try to give it back as I was met time and time again with horror at my attempts to do so. The part of me that felt unworthy and undeserving struggled and still does to an extent with this path before me and these treasures bequeathed to me. Why me?

Years ago, as I was hiking in a huge Aspen grove in Flagstaff Arizona, I clearly received a message there was a gift waiting for me from the Earth. I did not need a gift as being there was such a blessing in and of itself. It was repeated and I was guided through the trees to a spot where lightening had struck this huge Aspen. Part of her skin was lying on the ground and had literally been rolled up like an ancient scroll. Remarkable and unique and powerful. I still have her today, this precious gift from the Aspen grove and Mother Earth.

I have been gifted Native Ceremonial Pipes which I use with my prayers and ceremony as I am guided. They are breathtaking. I am not sharing their photos here nor those of my feathers as they are to be revered, sharing of their existence is the gift here.

I would like to conclude this page of personal and divine sharing with a gift I received from my latest sojourn. I was in Ireland where I visited a dear friend and soul sister. One Saturday morning, we visited a small courtyard of galleries and such when I felt strongly pulled into one in particular. The artist's work was enchanting and as I walked the small room admiring her creativity, I felt a continual pull over my left shoulder. I turned and saw a small piece of parchment by her desk, in the window rather hidden behind a large painting on the floor for sale. This small piece was not on the floor, nor framed, nor like anything else in the room. I began shaking before I was close enough to read the words dancing across the page.

I lost my composure and began to cry and had to leave the gallery before I had barely read it through. For the next hour, I was sobbing and feeling a release of such intensity, I had to just surrender into it. I had no choice. I new this was a gift from the Universe as it was as though the words had been written just for me. With all I have walked and with my own heart in tatters, it unhinged me to my core. It is only a month later, since my return to Colorado, that I have been able to open and reread the message. It is such a treasure! My dear friend had gone back into the Gallery while I sat crying under the sun and sky and purchased the piece for me as a surprise. She later shared with me how the artist had also been gifted, deeply moved and emotional herself by the whole experience. I share this piece of wisdom with you all here because as many of you know, gifts come to us in mysterious ways and in forms we could not possibly imagine. I knew and I know that I was being acknowledged, supported and shown a physical manifestation of this from The Soul of The World, which I was in dire need of receiving.

I hope that these stories bring you joy and inspiration, reminding you of the gifts you have received and perhaps forgotten, of the gift that you are and of the gifts you have to give and share with the world.

With Deepest Gratitude, Amita