Speaking Engagements

Speaking Engagements

I am available to speak to classes, communities and organizations on various topics, some of which are delicate, such as transforming loss. I am available to share and/or read from my book, "My Horse, The Hummingbird and A Very Small Tiger", discuss Pilgrimage and personal empowerment, different forms of ceremonial growth opportunities such as the "Embraced by the Earth Ceremony" I walked through. This involved great personal commitment bringing, as a result, tremendous clarity, confidence, trust, freedom and letting go of that which no longer served me. Bridging worlds between our earthly existence through listening to our hearts, following our inner guidance to manifest our purpose here, among other topics which may be explored here in my website.

Though, it may be difficult for me to speak in front of people, I know that what I have to offer, should it be of value to others, is wasted dare I not continue my expansion and walk through my shyness in order to do so.

International Peace Day 2015

I was asked to write a piece for International Peace Day in 2015 by a wonderful woman, Signe Ramstrom, who lives in Crestone, Colorado. She hosted a beautiful event to honor this day and I wrote and read my piece to the community who came together.

Bioneers Conference Speaker 2006

Some of my previous engagements include speaking at the Bioneers conference in Flagstaff, Arizona about “The Path of Heart” while holding a peregrine falcon! My focus was Re-Awakening people to their hearts, the world around them and their dreams. These birds seem to captivate everyone they come into contact with as they radiate such confidence, grace, and connectedness within themselves and their environment - They are fiercely present and oh so aware.

The Flagstaff Holistic Health Expo 2006

I was a speaker and vendor at The Flagstaff Holistic Health Expo which was a three day event. I was one of the featured speakers and spoke about living in balance with following the Path of the Heart, reconnecting to nature and one's soul purpose.

Heal Thyself Now Conference 2007

I was Invited to attend as one of the vendors at The Heal Thyself Now Conference in Flagstaff to share my new Mayan Magic healing cacao bars. It was profoundly moving how well they were received together with the support I was so graciously given.