Shedding The Illusion

Shedding The Illusion

How do we separate truth from illusion? There exists our own individual truth and then there is universal truth. How do we discern human learned beliefs from our soul’s knowing with the oneness that is the Soul of The World? Do we even need to make this delineation? This is a personal question for each of us to decide. It depends on many factors, the most important one being: Are we standing in our own way? Are we Blocking our purpose? Are we flowing with strength and power like a river through the mountains? Or are we clutching the roots along the bank? Sometimes we all do both, do we not? How else can we learn the difference between the two? I would say this is the same with personal truth and universal truths. If they are in alignment, there is flow in our journey. If not, we may be caught up in the mud and crags along the bank. I know both well, having been an excellent student at self sabotage usually in the final stages of a hard worked project or creative expression.

I share this photo on this page as I find it most appropriate! One day as I was setting up the four directions and center station of a labyrinth I had the desire to create, the universe decided to both teach and remind me of an important lesson. Using stones I had collected with great gratitude by the river, wanting to bring beauty and sacred space, I was quite serious in my task, joyful but serious.

If you look closely at the center stone and the small stones laying atop, you will see something else. Coyote Droppings? I found this remarkable, this gift?  I could not stop laughing, astounded by the placement of the, well.. the poop. It was both amazing and hilarious.

What was the message here? Coyote in many native teachings is the trickster. She/He makes sure we do not take ourselves too seriously. That we Remember to play and be who we are, in our centers, knowing all is sacred and unfolds perfectly.

Was the Coyote blessing the space and sharing wisdom from the animal realms? I felt this was the case but again how could I know the intention of the Coyote? I enjoyed the offering whatever the reason and it was a reminder for me that all we  genuinely offer can be a gift even if it may not look the way we would think it should.

Shedding The Illusion is a choice we are continually presented with in each moment. The more we let go of defining how we think the world should be and stop trying to categorize things, breathing it all in, we find we can open more and let go of our ideas of how we think things should be. We can choose to pay attention, to observe, to allow and to embrace all as it is, we find an ease. Focusing upon that which we do have control over, knowing there is so much unfolding, we can not possibly see or know the Divine masterpiece.

So thank you universe for your humor and your playfulness! It is most appreciated in this world where pain and hardship of human experience can weigh down the heart. The soul knows that none of what takes place here is to be attached to or held onto. All life is light and continually changes form. This is much harder for us to do in human life even when we know because our hearts are as delicate and vulnerable as they are strong and courageous. Our body suits are temporary and all must be given back when our time here is done.

So, as we are able to shed The Illusion of what we THINK is or is not the truth of things, frees each of us up to become better for one another and for all of life as we walk our soul evolutionary lessons here.