Sacred Pilgrimage

Sacred Pilgrimage

What is pilgrimage? Why do some of us embark on pilgrimage? What does it offer us? As with anything in life, how we "do" something greatly determines the flow of our experience. When we fully engage and let go of any perceived outcome, we can receive the gifts meant for our highest unfolding.

Pilgrimage is an action of sacred engagement. A time to be with oneself, earth mother and source. She offers opening, expansion, cleansing, clarification, processing, purification, surrender and awakening. The depth attained is based upon one's ability to allow their personal unfoldment to take place unhindered, their acceptance of the present, their level of humility, determination and heart centered listening. This opens the door way for profound inner and outer re-connection, transformation, even rebirth and realignment. A chiropractic adjustment of the soul. Sacred pilgrimage in silence, having the Courage to feel deeply seated emotions, riding wave after wave with your breath until you are carried to the shore, to a soft beach where you can can stand upon new ground. This is not an easy process. It is vulnerable and frightening, enlightening and overwhelming, freeing and painful. Regardless of where you were when you started, this path is filled with light and hope, blessings and kindness. How much, awaits to be seen...

Embarking upon this type of journey is a leap of faith but isn't each moment that we are breathed indeed just that...

Together with my loss of my dearest friend, Grandfather Joe, life took my most precious and beloved light as well, my son. My twin flame, my only child and the artist of my beautiful Book, "My Horse, The Hummingbird and A Very Small Tiger". There is no language that could justly translate the emotions of my heart or the intensity of my journey. The last year and half has held me much of the time in deep silence and contemplation. I flew to France in the late Fall of 2015 and began walking over the Pyrenees mountains. I continued walking for many, many weeks. I walked and breathed, breathed and walked, sobbed and walked, walked and sobbed, repeating mantras with every breath, guided by and from my heart meditations. Powerful experiences, profound blessings somehow kept me going against all odds, against all forms of weather, through layers of exhaustion and pain, through sadness and finally through utter surrender.

I walked over 550 miles into December, walking through part of France and into and through much of Northern Spain as well, walking the Camino de Santiago. I pushed myself on every level of my being, going further into myself, further into each moment, further into each step and breath that breathed me onward. Step after step after step. The ancient trail that guards and cradles the millions of prayers of so many pilgrims. Over 1000 years are preciously held by this Sacred Camino.

The young woman who wrote the forward for this book, Emma Watton walked with me but with great space between us. I had to walk alone, to be in silence, to listen. It was the only way I could agree to her companionship. I had traveled to Europe, pulled there by a force beyond this realm and was not expecting to have company. Life has a most unusual way of surprising us as I have shared through many accounts. Not all this life offers us feels beneficial, rather a testing of our strength, trust, self love and honoring of what our inner calling is guiding us to do based upon a much more expansive and larger unfolding.

This form of pilgrimage brings up aspects of one’s self most in need of reflection and healing. It would be another section entirely for me to share in regards to the powerful journey these hundreds of miles unfolded. Sometimes in life, we are brought together with others for a brief encounter, others for longer and a treasured few stay with us for a lifetime. Emma’s and my path have diverged and no longer intersect. All in perfect alignment with life’s unveiling.

It is time for me to begin the next leg of my journey, reconnecting with others through the path of the heart, helping, sharing, healing, uniting. The Phoenix rises from the ashes to fly higher and lighter shielded by grace.

We are all shaped and molded by all that we encounter, experience and journey through, all that encompasses us, heart and soul. May each of you have the courage to listen to the voice of your heart and continue step by step, leap by leap as there is great beauty even in the depths of the hardest walk. We each truly serve a purpose, each a cog in the wheel of the whole.

May Blessings shine upon each of you and all of life everywhere. May we show one another kindness and tenderness. We never know when the roles shall be reversed and we shall be the next one in need of compassion and love.