Riding Your Fire

Riding Your Fire

The essentials of humility combined with humor is life's way of reminding us that the elephant is no more or less important than the ant as Rumi shares with us through his divine writing. It keeps our egos in check so we do not stray too far into self delusion and pretense. Humans have a remarkable ability to feed off of one another draining and harming each other unnecessarily.

Who are you? Do you know or have you cascaded far outside of yourself and what you want? Have you lost your way? How do you walk through your day? Do you ever feel like you are suffocating? What triggers you and who? Do you react or respond to situations? How do you breathe? How do you speak? Do you speak your truth in your daily life? What holds you back and why? Are you aware of your body and the messages it is sending you? Do you have physical pain and if so, where do you hold it? Do you spend quiet time with yourself through meditation, connection to nature, reading, art, spiritual practice? Is it difficult or frightening to be alone? Are you comfortable in your own company? How do you carry yourself? What motivates you and why? Do you strive to please others or are you self satisfied? Do you rationalize away your true feelings? How much time do you spend in the present moment, the past or the future? Do you trust life?

Do you ever experience moments of intense clarity, a feeling of such knowing that floods through you like a sudden breeze before it is gone leaving you with a taste of something richer, yet seemingly untouchable?

If any of these questions resonate with you, your essence self, your inner knowing may be calling, asking you to ready yourself to step back into alignment with yourself and the life you desire to create. Your true path of self, your destiny, your soul’s purpose here NOW.

Allow yourself to dream. If you truly desire to become self empowered, you must be willing to reach out and hold your own hand. The journey into the self requires you be your own best friend and most loyal supporter.