My Horse, The Hummingbird And A Very Small Tiger

by Amita McBride

This is the unforgettable journey between my beloved horse Joe and myself, a courageous hummingbird, a horse ranch for children, and a small woven tiger from Peru. Life has a most unusual and amazing way of helping our dreams to unfold when we find the courage to listen to the wisdom of our heart. Knowing when to let go and appreciating all that we love becomes easier when we believe in ourselves and deeply connect with the magic of life. Only then is the extraordinary truly possible.

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Achieving Total Health & Wellness in North Arizona

Re-Awakening to Consciousness

Black and white image of Amita Welles SmilingWhy are we here? It's a question that has been asked throughout the millennium. Have we moved any closer to knowing the answer? I believe the answer is YES! What is the patterning that has caused humans to create such grief, ugliness, and division among one another? it comes down to one word: FEAR. This powerful force has driven wedges deep into the belly of Mother Earth, cultures, environments, families, and communities, fractioning every aspect of life throughout our world for centuries. Not all cultures have sustained themselves in this manner, however. It is a curiosity that surely deserves attention. Community, music, love, cultivating the earth... any one of these parts does not solely give rise to clear answers. How do certain people live behind their lives? What do they feel and believe and hold in their hearts while walking through their time on earth?

We are walking in a phenomenal time and are on the brink of tremendous change. As more and more chaos engulfs the world, more and more dissatisfaction and emotions rise closer and closer to the surface, propelling us toward massive change. There are many critical components aligning us to this time in history. We have pushed our environment to the edge of collapse, overpopulated the earth, exploded our egos and criticisms of one another bitterly, fallen more and more into the materialism of outer fulfillment and inner madness and despair while increasing lower level emotional states to record heights. Why?

There has always been one consistent factor throughout history. When the balance of life on earth has swung too far out of line, it has always corrected itself in one way or another and fallen back to the midpoint. It is the law of gravity. the level of awareness and positive doing is on the upswing. I know there are many out there who feel overwhelmed and completely at a loss as to what any single person can contribute to what any single person can contribute to make a difference. There are also many who feel, "What has life ever given me? Why should I do anything?" Well, there just so happens to be some astoundingly simple and radically altering tools EVERYONE has to offer. Every situation is an opportunity for self-empowerment. Don't you ever wonder why some people flow through life while others seem to be victims of theirs?

One of the most powerful components of the human being is the heart. Our heart is the core of our existence. How often do any of us really quiet down and thank our hearts for sustaining us? For that matter, how many of us awaken each morning and truly feel gratitude for every blessing in our lives? I am actually working towards a point in all of this so please bear with me. It is ties to the Law of Attraction.

Do any of you reading this article really feel deep within your core that you are here to accumulate things, and whomever has the most and the best toys over their neighbor wins? Over time, so many of us have fallen asleep as to who we really are, what we deeply desire, while walking through our day in a stupor devoid of genuine joy and laughter. Regardless of religious conviction, political and personal belief, every single life on this planet is in the same boat as to the destiny we choose as a whole. Do we truly desire to partake in one giant pity party game while pointing fingers at everyone else around us for the woes of the world?

The Correlation of all of these pieces in conjunction with the elements of the earth and the re-opening of the human heart is astounding. As you begin to fall back into yourself, within your own essence, you begin to shift the frequencies of energy you emit into the world. This may sound farcical, yet it is the truth. Quantum Physics is proving at a phenomenal rate that all life expresses itself according to this paradigm. Everything in life is energy... everything. So you have to have tried to think positively, work harder... same patterns? What are your feelings behind your thoughts? Are you aware of this level within yourself? The brain is an incredible machine with the subconscious dictating 95% of our actions --a purely programmable machine akin to recording device. Our conscious is left with the remaining 5%.

We are extraordinary being capable of such levels of positive achievement, giving and love. Hard to do or confusing? Begin shifting neural pathways in the brain by brushing your teeth with the opposite hand, putting the other leg into your pants first, get up on the other side of the bed, gift coffee money anonymously for the next person inline. We are so terrified of failure. Moving forward and giving your best opens doors in life. It is the doing that empowers us. Our vulnerabilities are our strengths and life is our mirror. We just need a shift in our perceptions. Begin by feeling an emotion that fills you up with such joy and love, you feel it inside of you, rippling across your skin, moving you to tears. It is this level of feeling and passion that is needed to shift patterns in your life and the structure of matter itself. Do not take my word for it. Try it for yourself. Desire something deep within your heart, feel it, believe it, and let it go with a knowing it is already in your life and trust. As you walk through your day, pay attention to your feelings. Do they match your thoughts? Would you want to move in and live within your body if you had a choice? Are you healthy environment?It is imperative we reconnect to the earth and all life around us as there is no separation of anything anywhere in the world. What happens to one happens to all. Start paying attention to the earth, nature, and the animals. Feel the world around you and begin with moments of creativity, singing, dancing, laughing, believing you are worthy and an important part of life. Give with the wholeness of that which you desire to hold within your life. You are not your experiences or your emotions. You may have just become entangled within their shadows.

Focus on something small, whether it be connecting with a tree, a squirrel, hearing from an old friend, or having relief from an ache or pain. Accept where you are and move forward with full intention and feeling in your heart, It is my belief that the wave signatures of the whales in the ocean match the wave signatures of the rainforest on the earth, creating an infinity pattern that, by the way, matches how the human heart radiates energy out from each one of us. Working with these beings is a gift and a blessing beyond words. We are surrounded by all we require and it is time to remember! Feelings and acute awareness to word choice while in a state of deep gratitude is the secret to healing and shifting the world and our lives.

Everything of which I am writing about I have done and continue to do in my own life, and have shifted patterns, health, beliefs, illusions, and suffering. there is so much information, and it is my sincere hope that I am able to provide some clear insights through this article. Please allow yourself to believe in new possibilities.

The ALIVE! mission is to increase wellness by:

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  2. Promoting local businesses that provide a variety of options in holistic health and self-care.
  3. Building a strong community throughout Northern Arizona.

*Northern Arizona: Vol 2, Issue 1. January / February 2007 Pg 1-2.

The Upside Down in the Right Side Up

Black and white image of Amita Welles SmilingThe mirroring of all things is upon us. Time seems to be running, the days are flying by and there is more and more intensity coming into our daily lives at warp speed. Chaos, change, and emotions all mixed together in an unknown soup of unfamiliarity. What is going on? The new moon followed by a total lunar eclipse in conjunction with a full moon, followed by a partial solar eclipse and a new moon, followed by more and more... It is dizzying. We are in the midst of an extraordinary and massive shift in our world.

Our earth is preparing for a jump - a 500-year cycle is closing and a new one is beginning. During the week of March 19th, there is a gathering of grand proportions on a Lake Titicaca in Peru. This global event is in regards to the shift we all are making as to how we walk in our world. I will be traveling with the Institute of Cultural Awareness, a group of elders who are gathering from all over North America to attend this event, and then staying to spend time in the rain forest. I was both honored and deeply excited to discover that the images I have been seeing within my meditations mirror those of people in Peru. The integration of information with the birds of prey, the water and the blossoming of potential is upon us and filling each one of us. This week, during the Spring Equinox, the earth will shift in her energies, her light, and her vibration, into her mirrored other self. It is time for us to turn upside down to see what is right side up and staring us in the face!

Each and every on of us is being gifted preciously at this time. we must come together as one family. All of our deepest fears, illusions, pains, heartaches, denials and emotions are literally being vibrated to the surface within all of us. This is a great gift of healing, although not easy. At this time on our planet, much is in turmoil and in a delicate dance. There is a worldwide epidemic that could very possibly wipe out all amphibians in our world. A fungus called Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis, which embeds itself into the skin of amphibians, is spreading across continents from Australia to Costa Rica to Peru. Once infected, the death rate is 100%. This is occurring due to the global climatic changes we have created which allows this fungus to flourish. the Amphibians are one of the first pioneers on our planet, thus an integral piece of our foundation and web of all life on earth. To have this epidemic sweeping across the globe puts us in a delicate position. We have the choice as the determiners on this planet to change how we walk in our world and we must make these changes NOW!

While I was studying with a Lakota woman, she shared a teaching of the children's wheel. This is interwoven together. In this wheel, there are the plants, animals, minerals, and people. If you remove the people from this wheel, all life flourishes in perfect balance and harmony forever and always. When you add people back onto the wheel and you remove any one of the other components of the wheel of life, WE do not survive. yet, we are the determiners of all life on earth. What an awesome responsibility that we must step up and into a bit faster if we are to maintain our part on the wheel of life.

We are and interesting species filled with such powerful abilities of the highest levels of being. Yet, we tend towards the lower level emotions and pull ourselves into cycles of insecurity and fear. We have all the healing for all our needs growing in the rain forest, streams, rivers, and oceans teeming with great beauty and bounty. The time we are in is one of shifting perspectives and clearing out our illusions and selfishness. We can shift our belief systems and patterns, opening our hearts to ourselves and all life, and step up as a species. This is the focus of the gathering in Peru - the prophecy of a new era of peace and unity. i am personally preparing for a documentary, with one aspect involving subconscious pattern shifting with children, especially the orphans in our world. The dream of our next generation being more balanced in love and peace, clear of unhealthy emotions and beliefs early on, fills me with hope and a deep knowing that we can and are evolving as a people.

In closing, please know that all of us, every species on this earth, are a piece of light and an incredible design of creation. the whales, the largest species on the planet whose brain is approximately 50 times larger than our own, having sung their songs of ancient knowledge and wisdom through the centuries. this peaceful giant has much to teach us, as do all life forms if we can stop long enough to listen and relinquish our egos. Recent research is unfolding, showing that whales, in fact, do not have vocal cords. Their songs reach pitches of such intensity that aid us in balancing and opening our pineal glands, which is also directly connected to our spiritual awareness and insight. Looking at the wave signatures of these beings, quantum physics, and the time/space continuum, it is being considered that, in fact, the songs of these magnificent beings sing the whales into being. On this note, I leave you. For more information about the gathering in Peru, please Google the Eagle and the Condor gathering in Peru 2007.

*Northern Arizona: Vol 2, Issue 2. March / April 2007 Pg 1-2.