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Mayan Magic

I am sharing here about my Mayan Healing Cafe for those of you wishing to know more about my work, my connection to earth and spirit, my healing modalities and my visionary expression to help bring love and shift to this world. Though I do not have my cafe anymore, I shall be making my mayan formulas again so this page will give you the background for my intentions and my mayan creations.

Cacao is the seed of an Amazonian tree. All chocolate is made from the cacao seed. Considered the food of the gods, it is one of earth's most extraordinary superfoods, an antioxidant powerhouse!

My cafe was a venue for coming together, for bridging distance and cultures. A holder of sacred space to assist with opening for allowing positive change, for getting out of our boxes and become more present with ourselves. A space to help bring our best forward and work together in harmonious, prosperous and benevolent ways. My vision is big and doesn’t come from me. It comes through me and is deeply connected to the children.

Mayan Magic is not about being Mayan, it is about being You and seeing the “You” in everyone around you.

An unknown path requires tenacity and courage. Mayan Magic’s vision is to bring people together first within themselves, re-connecting within their own heart, then with the earth and with one another.

This focus is foundational for my vision with healing and all I believe even though I am something of a loner. This may seem contradictory. I have found through trial and error that I need to trust my way and my inner voice more and more and then those that will come together as soul family and community, of like mind and heart, energy and light will find one another. Creating global family, weaving and bridging the gaps between people, cultures, beliefs and hearts so we may come together as one united race. This requires a shift in consciousness, of structure, of thinking and being.

Mayan Magic’s Conception: An individual I had had the pleasure of doing some deep healing work with, brought me a block of cacao as an exchange. He had traveled from Patagonia, Arizona telling me, “I had to bring you this. It would not stop until I brought it to you.” Hmmm. My friend asked me if I wanted to know what to do with it and my entire being responded with a resounding “NO”! I felt a profound connection surging through me, old feelings, new feelings, vague feelings. I was re-connecting to a distant place within myself. I felt alive and passionate. There was a labyrinth forming into a painting that FINALLY made sense.

Over three years, hardship, inner strength and support, Mayan Magic was birthed.

I desired to create a space where people could be rocked awake and soothed at the same time. Hence, no cell phones or computers allowed, removal of shoes, sharing of a world vision, sitting with plants and trees whether you choose the floor, couch or table, being with the sound of water, experiencing an unusual “community” space all while being transformed and explored by various forms of Cacao.

I would like to thank Daniel San for his beautiful work as the main painter of the murals for my Mayan Cafe. He also helped me create my Fourth Jaguar Video.

Healing Cacao

Healing What? Cacao? What is Cacao? Cacao is where REAL Chocolate comes from. Raw chocolate, healing chocolate, superfood chocolate, antioxidantwonder of nature! What a concept. Cacao is chocolate, unprocessed, healthy, rainforest chocolate that is overflowing with amazing amounts of goodness for the body, mind and spirit, not to mention one of the top five brain foods, one of the top ten in the ORAC index of foods that exist in nature!

Amazing indeed!

Cacao has thirty times the antioxidant properties of green tea, is a phenomenal aid for headaches and digestion. This is natures purest recipe for lifting depression as it helps the body shift and realign bringing balance and harmony all while delighting the senses. Combining natures healing plants together for nutrition, energy, toning, strengthening and clearing in a delicious chocolate bar is both logical and beneficial for all of us. The more attention and awareness we focus on the Rainforest and the indigenous peoples there, the more we can all come together and gain from one another. Everything that is local is global and everything that is global is local. There is no separation from anything or anyone. The clothes, food, water, and air we breathe is affected by everything we all do collectively. We have the answers to live healthy, constructive, productive, loving lives and the time for this reconnection is NOW.

We must stop the destruction of the Rainforest! These tremendous plants, trees, flowers, and animals are the core part of the web that sustains all life on earth. Enjoy these rich, intense Cacao Creations and feel the power of the life force that surges through every morsel. Thank you for your support and caring for the earth, her gifts to us, and the honoring of yourself and your body.

Mayan Fires & The 7 Grandmothers Cacao Bars

I slowly grind the pure,raw, organic, sustainably grown Cacao that I use in these beautiful creations in very small batches over a two day period. Black granite stones transform the Cacao into a river of rich velvet with intensely powerful flavor and energy. After adding the other raw ingredients, I wrap the bars in 100% recycled, tree free paper.

Mayan Magic and my cacao foundation is rooted in positive intention, sacred space, global community and deep reverence for the earth. I feel very honored to have been gifted 2 of my grinding machines. May you feel your own potential in every taste. Blessings to you all, Amita.

Magickal Mayan Fire Cacao Bars

"Amita is an alchemist who has put her magickal energies and sacred formulas into each beautiful cacao bar she creates. They are alive with the energies of Mother Earth, her spices and her guardians, and as such, bring sacred healing and light into every cell when slowly melted into the senses. They are the most exquisite of bars I have ever tasted! Nothing compares to the vibrational healing and deep experiences nor, the taste of Amita’s wonderful formulas…nothing. They are rich and delicious beyond compare.

Thank you Amita for your brilliance and shamanistic wisdom…your beautiful bars will help to heal many."

With Love and Light,

- Leslie, Auracle’s Colour Therapy

Mayan Fires

The time is NOW for the rebalancing of male/female energies upon the earth. The goddess, mother earth walks in balance within herself and the natural world, creating and breathing life from her dark, rich, fertile soils. Ix Chel, The Mayan goddess of transformation and the medicine carrier of the plants, walks as one of the womb carriers and caretakers of the plants, the highest vibrational beings on earth, allowing their medicine to flow forth transforming illness into wellness. When we are ready to move forward, these nurturing and loving mothers hold out their hands and help carry us forward on our inner path of healing and growth. The healing powers of these plants comes from the struggles they have endured and overcome in their natural environments. These hardships have shaped them physically and vibrationally.

Enjoy these rich and powerful Mayan cacao bars created using the purest organic, sustainably harvested ingredients.

The 7 Grandmothers

The 7 grandmothers, as I call them, are the guardians and guides of the 7 wombs. They are the spiritual, physical and emotional carriers of growth and transformation. The healing powers of these plants comes from the struggles they have endured and overcome in their natural environments. These hardships have shaped them physically and vibrationally, linking their 7 doorways to our 7 chakras. Thus these connections between ourselves and the plants allow for creation from the natural world to flow through us. When we are ready to move forward, these nurturing and loving mothers hold out their hands and help carry us forward on our inner path of healing and growth.

Each grandmother plant represents a different doorway. It is for each of us to listen and learn from our inner voice. It is my focus and deep desire to help in my own small way in bringing all of us closer together to walk upon the earth and with one another in a greater alignment of love, balance, and health. I wish you well on your journey. The tinctures used are biodynamic and organic. They are designed to be used one at a time in the body as they are specific in their healing pathways.

An open and loving heart is essential for positive living, sharing, loving and helping one another ( all species) in everything we do, feel, say, think, and believe.