"Nature’s Secret Messages” by Elaine Wilkes PhD., N.C., M.A. Elaine is a powerhouse who I had to pleasure to meet a few years back. We were both at a special teaching of an ancient meditation practice by a master in that field when she approached me and asked me if we could speak. She both Interviewed me and asked me if I would write a small piece for her book. I was deeply honored by her request. My sharing is on reconnecting with one’s inner voice, re-aligning oneself with presence and listening, communing with nature and the plants through experiential interaction. You can also hear a small excerpt of the interview in my video and more comprehensive version here.

Interview with Elaine Wilkes

Nature’s Secret Messages: Hidden in Plain Sight
by Elaine Wilkes

Cover of the book Nature’s Secret Messages: Hidden in Plain Sight by Elaine Wilkes

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"I interviewed Amita Welles, an intuitive who has worked with the Lakota Deer Tribe and other indigenous people, and she describes communing with Nature as opening up and really listening with gratitude and humility to all of the life around us. She believes that when we get ourselves out of the way (becoming still and emptying our minds), we create an inner peacefullness that enables us to see, feel, and sense in more profound ways, and to even hear what plants can communicate. When we stop trying and simply allow is when we create those “Aha!” moments, which occur when we really see what has always been right in front of our eyes. This happens as we reopen our hearts and hear our inner voice with love and compassion. Shifting within allows safe passage for other discoveries and reconnections within our being with Nature and with all life in general. Amita emphasizes that emotional garbage or intense feelings can sometimes get in the way and prevent us from fully being given or receiving the help we need from the plants, or the stewards of the earth, as she calls them. They’re the wisdom keepers because they’ve learned how to survive and thrive in their environment, and they carry this knowledge within them. We’re all carrying this wisdom within each of us as well. We’ve just forgotten our connection to the earth and our place within her. Collectively, we’re in a time of deep reawakening and reassessing our “magnificence” as an all-powerful species on our planet as we experience the effects of our actions upon all life. Communicating with plants and Nature requires patience, for we’re undoing what we’ve been taught, which is to do versus to be and to ignore our inner voice. When we listen to our own quiet voice, we begin to hear the other voices of life communing with us. Love simply is. There’s enough in the world to fill all of us amply, if we so desire. Once we stop allowing the ego to make our choices, we see and experience the world around us in a more conscious, divine way. It becomes a mirror reflecting our true nature back to us, illuminating our power through our intentions, thoughts, feelings, words, and actions in creating our reality and life experiences. This flow of shifting and aligning continues to expand and transform as we open our heart of hearts and accept the oneness of all life."

Chapter 11: Communicating with Nature, Up Close and Personal, Pages 156-157