Bypassing the conscious mind into the vast depths of the subconscious is one of the platforms for accessing the gears for shifting patterning and belief systems. The words we use in our daily conversations are themselves statements of deeply rooted beliefs and patterns within us. These in turn create pathways within the brain that wire us, so to speak, to recreate certain events, usually daily, to fulfill certain emotional "needs". These can be self defeating versus the positive nurturing aspects we are desiring in our lives. Recurring patterns further embed that which we focus upon the most, again often times our fears. Similar to a rat on a wheel. This can be a self fulfilling prophecy going nowhere, no matter how fast we run.

Only we can stop by getting off the wheel. The beliefs we hold, patterns we develop, and experiences we walk through all work in conjunction with our endocrine and nervous systems. Our hypothalamus in the brain releases the chemicals that "feed" our desires, healthy or otherwise, into our bodies. Thus, our addictions are met through our thoughts and subconscious patterns that will physically draw into our daily lives those experiences our belief systems are entangled in. Shifting our neural family groups in our brains is directly rooted within shifting our beliefs, thoughts, feelings, and patterns. We have to be willing to "let go" of the dependencies that create the pain in our lives, replacing them with what we do wish to have in our lives, trusting this is possible and being willing to lay a new inner foundation of wellness.

Everything in life has a vibrational frequency. We are all continuously sending out information via energy waves that vibrate based on our feelings and emotional state. By the time we hold a thought, the intent has already been formed and the energetic frequency released. What would be considered unhealthy or negative emotions resonate at a much lower vibrational frequency than positive emotional states. In turn, we draw in what we are sending out and much of the time what we draw in is that which we do not desire. Wherever our focus lies is what life will respond with in return. The good news is that Positive feelings and thoughts have stronger signature waves in general so this helps to hold our new birthing foundation.

Furthermore in this process, we store and hold emotions in corresponding body parts which has a tremendous affect upon our own internal meridian system, energy flow, and health. Here lies the mother root of imbalance, sadness, and disease. Since we are primarily comprised of water, our thoughts have a powerful effect on our cells, tissues, and DNA, a powerful force indeed.

By providing tools specific to the individual, I work to help in bringing the power back to the self. None of us can walk the path for any other person. We can only help one another to gather strength in regaining self confidence to go forward with the journey.