Dancing Dreamers

Dancing Dreamers

Children are our next generation. Balance and wellness within their beings is essential. They are the core and foundation of humanity. Children do not have any of the stumbling blocks in their way that we as adults have had ample time to construct. Children walk into this world filled with radiant light, self love, and trust. This is why it is so critical that our children are cleared from an potentially unhealthy belief systems, patterning, and unnecessary suffering that is passed down from generation to generation.

My background with children is vast and varied including the fact that I once was one. Humor is so important in our lives and it is researched that children laugh over 100 times a day and adults a paltry 4 times. What does this say about our level of joy and trust in life? How many years of experiences have dimmed our light instead of helping it shine more radiantly?

When my own son was born, I was in a quandary of needing to bring in income and doing so in a way that my son could be with me during the day. Thus, I created my own small school. The title may have been “Daycare” yet what I created out of my home was far more than this. It was an environment of love, nurturing, support, growth, expansion and awareness of self, the earth, and world surrounding us. After completing the master gardening course at Northern Arizona University, I started a beautiful garden in downtown Flagstaff complete with chickens. All of the children that blessed me with their lives, ate all organically grown foods, helping in the garden, learning about plants and caring for the hens. I taught the children how to listen to nature and how to be still inside. I should say I was honored to help keep their inner knowing and connection alive. I taught them how to feel the different frequencies within living things, about nutritious foods, how we can hold emotions in our bodies and how to let them go. My focus was self empowerment.

I used my native American talking stick which always hung at the height of the smallest person in my home so it was readily accessible to all. I NEVER had a problem or outbreak of any kind with these children. Any time there was a communication breakdown, the talking stick was taken down which immediately called the children's attention to sit in a circle. The child holding the talking stick spoke first. The other child directly involved would then repeat what they heard. This would ensure clear communication and then resolution ensued usually within minutes. it was very powerful for all of us to see how easily we can mishear what someone is saying to us when emotions, fear and nervousness are flowing through us. Sometimes it took a couple of rounds repeating the conversation between the children to establish understanding. It was remarkable how calmness and closeness were the result which brought all of the children closer together. It was a collective reflecting showing that we all feel vulnerable and scared sometimes, that we all make mistakes and how good it feels to listen, to be heard and to apologize to a friend. The outcomes of these talking stick circles were better friendships and stronger team players.

The remarkable piece in all of this is not only did children considered hyper active or challenging flourish but combined with healthy foods they helped to grow and gather from the garden, while having clear boundaries knowing they would always be heard and respected, helped the children blossom in their self esteem and self love. This was transferred outward with one another through all areas of contact from helping one another to interacting with greater kindness and joy.

When I received a call from the Department of Economic Security one day asking me if I would take more children, if I would expand, I was caught off guard. I was told that I was the highest rated daycare provider with a waiting list a mile long. I will never forget hearing those words. It brought tears to my eyes. I had started this little school to be home with my son and It never occurred to me anyone knew what I was providing with the few children that I was caring for nor was I accustomed to being acknowledged. Actions speak for themselves and my heart filled up till it overflowed. I knew the difference that was being made in these children’s lives was infiltrating outward positively and infinitely blessing me in return.

I spent some time studying and working at a farm school in Greece when I was 16. During this time, I volunteered at an orphanage, a place where children were dying of degenerative diseases. This was an excruciating experience on so many levels and a most incredible blessing. I had to find a way to to reach the children as we did not speak the same language. I found it through song, taking them out on the earth to be in nature, hugging and singing to them, a deeper opening of love that profoundly affected me, shaping parts of my being and my life path, of this I am sure.

If everyone each day started the day in gratitude and humility for everything in their lives, how different our world could be. Awareness and presence with knowing that all we each really have is this moment, this breath. Holding our attention in the NOW intensifies focus and alignment and grace on multiple levels. We are able to listen to our inner voice and act with greater clarity.

What often is so simple in life is not easy because as humans we tend to create difficulty where there isn’t any. This is tied to our own suffering and stagnation and pain which is so bottled up within us, we often do not know how we really feel. It can spill out of us at inopportune times which can unfortunately verify false beliefs and self defeating feelings. We all need love and there is an endless supply for all beings.

Thank you for taking the time to read all that I have shared here. Children flourish when they are given the seeds of opportunity, knowing they already hold and radiate all the graces of life already within their hearts.