Client Referrals

“Amita Welles is a visionary with sacred sight, a Seer of subtlety who uses her abilities for healing, for source work and for guidance into inner integrity. She is a bridge builder between realms, and uses her profound connections to promote the rising Harmony. “

- William Howell
Founder Sanctuary House: Non-profit sponsor of the Camino de Crestone

“My story is simple - I met Amita when our paths crossed as we walked the Camino de Santiago in Spain in 2014. I was immediately drawn to a woman who was generous of spirit and kindness despite walking with great personal tragedy and physical pain. We spent but a few hours in each other's company and remain steadfast friends despite living on different continents - she has honor and integrity and endlessly gives and shares her gifts the Universe has bestowed upon her - bringing light, hope and truth to those around her. She is driven to help her fellow man asking for nothing. Amita touches the hearts and minds of all who are fortunate enough to find themselves in her presence. She has my love, respect and support such as it is.”

- Helen Thompson - fellow traveller.
Belfast, Ireland

"There is a Universal reason for Amita’s and I to cross paths. We are both part of this great Christ Consciousness helping others to see and manifest their soul’s magnificence. She is an exceptional Intuitive Visionary who’s abilities are far developed for this time era. She connects with energies from the Universe and Mother Earth like no other I’ve encountered. She has helped me in my soul’s journey and our meeting has been divinely orchestrated. She is a great teacher, healer, seer and fellow traveler seeking Sacred Truths. I highly respect and recommend her in helping mankind advance towards changing universal consciousness."

- Sheila Tillich, Owner WhiteDove Healing, Evidence-Based Medium, Integrated Energy Therapy Master- Instructor, Angel Intuitive.

"Working with Amita on her website has become a very memorable and eye opening experience for me. It made me think about projects in different ways and work with different perspectives on things. I'm lucky to have had the chance to connect with someone that has so much insight to offer.

Ever since the first conversation I've had with her, there was this feeling that is hard to describe as someone who is not spiritual. The energy of her experience seems to be projected in every word she says during a conversation. I felt as though Amita had experienced things far beyond my understanding and brought with her whatever positive energy she attained from them.

She has made me aware of aspects of humanity, both good and bad, that normally get overlooked in day to day life. Because of her I feel that helping people is even more important than I had before. I've learned through her that everyone has struggles, pain, and hardships but you can overcome them with your heart still beating and the will to bring out a positive energy that can be used to help those who need you.

I look forward to seeing her continue to help people and I'm glad I've had the chance to work closely with her. It has been an experience that will definitely stay with me."

- Xavier Vidot

Ocoos Web Developer (Rasmuseen Graduate)

"I am 58 years old and am in the process of changes careers and my life as I know it. I know I say the same things sometime...”Am I crazy? Why not stick to what I know? “ I am fine with working but I want to do something that is more rewarding to me. I have been very blessed in many ways and I want to “give back” in some way. After my work with Amita, I am finding that I am trusting in the universe and my guides to show me the paths that I need to take. I still have to do the work and research but I do feel I am being guided in the right directions. In order to make any big changes in life, you have to go thru the discovery process in order to move forward. If it was just handed to me it wouldn’t feel quite as exciting or rewarding. I know that it will be once I look at all the avenues, that I am. Sometimes I do get discouraged and wish things would be more in the manner that I want it to be. But, patience is something that I have had to learn all my life and I am getting better at it every day."

- Anonymous

Magickal Mayan Fire Cacao Bars

"Amita is an alchemist who has put her magickal energies and sacred formulas into each beautiful cacao bar she creates. They are alive with the energies of Mother Earth, her spices and her guardians, and as such, bring sacred healing and light into every cell when slowly melted into the senses. They are the most exquisite of bars I have ever tasted! Nothing compares to the vibrational healing and deep experiences nor, the taste of Amita’s wonderful formulas…nothing. They are rich and delicious beyond compare.

Thank you Amita for your brilliance and shamanistic wisdom…your beautiful bars will help to heal many."

With Love and Light,

- Leslie, Auracle’s Colour Therapy

"Amita explained to me that her work deals with taking my DNA back to where I was when I first came back to earth. I believe that it is true based on the feelings and experiences I have had since. I am having feelings of peace and comfort with people and places like I had when I was younger. It feels so familiar and easy. I have not felt that way in over 40 years. I am not sure how or why it works but I do know that I like how it feels."

- Anonymous

"I first tried the lavender cacao. It didn't appeal to my taste too much, and I didn't feel any different. Then, I tasted the aphrodisiac cacao. I remember it tasted warm and salty on my tongue. While the lavender one did not appeal to me, this little piece of cacao seemed to melt just perfectly. After it had dissolved, I waited. I know that you had told us to not to expect anything to happen, but I sat expectantly waiting for some sort of change. At first, I didn't feel much of anything. Then, I felt it. Actually, it would be better to say I felt less. It wasn't in a way that made me feel numb or emotionless. It was if all of my worries melted away. I was at peace. With a performance later that night, I should have been worried and nervous. Instead, I was calm. Living the life of a theatre person, I am constantly bustling around with my mind buzzing full of thoughts and anxieties. After trying the aphrodisiac cacao, I felt great. That's really the best way to say it. I felt great."

-Shandi, Vagina Monologue Cast Member

"Mayan Magic - Earth’s medicinal ingredients used to clear energetic channels while nourishing Shen- 'The Soul'. Upon my first use, my heart chakra flowered and my journey towards inner knowledge began."

Thank you Amita,

- Tavita Martinez

"Creator gave us special people to share their incredible gifts! Each day I give thanks for Amita and her sharing. Her personal work as well as her sessions of reconnective healing on me have changed my life. On the physical level, my body feels re-aligned and "working" as Creator intended. My emotions have been felt at a level of great understanding and swept clean. My spirit has never sang and danced at such a high vibration in golden light. Being with Amita, as she comes from unconditional love, balances me in a way I have never experienced and allows me to be and grow into realness of being with immense joy that expands in each moment."

- Anonymous

"My friend of 16 years had been moving very slowly, having a hard time breathing and the twinkle had been gone from his eyes for the last three years. Coe is our beloved cat. Amita worked on him twice and then a third time a week and a half later. The first time he was purring but was very rigid at first. He kept relaxing more and more, obviously loving it. When she was done, he did not want to get off of the table. He followed her around with a loving intent! On the second day when Amita worked on him, he laid down and was so happy. He is so "young" now, jumping up on our bed, walking with ease, wanting to go outside to play, breathing with no difficulty, a twinkle in his dancing eyes! Amita's love for all of life, her trust in all living things in being whole, happy and connected shows in every step of her journey."

- Sherry Lowdermilk June 2011

"I want to share some of my thoughts and feelings about my work with Amita. It was truly an experience that I have never had before. I was very fortunate to actually spend 4 days with her. I have waited all my life to find such a wonderful teacher. Every moment of time that we spent together, I was learning and experiencing life in a totally new way. She opened my heart, mind and eyes as if it was the first time I had ever been alive. Her work has changed my life in ways that I would have never expected. I find that I am still processing and feeling better and better all the time. I am noticing that the colors are brighter and more vibrant than I perceived them before. I am slowing down on my eating and enjoying the flavors and textures more. I am taking the time to be me and to love myself. That hasn’t ever happened in my life. I am finding that I am not in such a panic mode about life and am taking it more as it is handed to me instead of worrying about it every moment of the day."

- Penny Lambert

"I have HIGHLY recommend working with Amita to all my friends who walk the spiritual path with me. I would like to recommend it to anyone who is taking the time to read this. I feel if you are looking at her web-site and taking the time to read our thoughts, you are being told to work with her. I personally can not wait to go and work with her some more. Oh yes, don’t forget her Cocoa bars. I like to take a square and melt it in my mouth and I never know what my day will hand me after I do. I feel as if it takes me back to my sessions with Amita and it takes me a step or two further. It is like getting a mini session and it makes me feel awesome all over again."

- Anonymous

"I recognized Amita as an old soul the minute I laid eyes on her. I have no time sense of when that was, however I know that since we met, she has lived 40 more lifetimes in this human existence and has been challenged to re-member her gifts for healing which are varied and profound. I trust that our paths will always stay connected so I may continue to bask in the light that Amita brings to the world.”

- Rita Marsh