Business & Community Partnerships

Business & Community  Partnerships

A picture of Amita Welles in PeruI created this partnerships page in order to link together members of different communities so that we may support one another. Please take a moment to peruse these beautiful people and their gifts.

Partnerships are formed with all of life whether we are aware of these interactions or not. Partnerships with honey bees, our environment, our water and air, how we grow our food, to highlight just a few of the crucial partnerships we share.

My own business and community partnerships reach into many arenas.

In the photo to the left, I am helping the Elder, Senior Vidal, to repair an enormous community bread oven in his spiritual center. His center is located in a small village called Ollantaytambo, Peru, a short distance from Machu Picchu. The photo at the bottom of the page is of my honey bees. They are drinking water from hemp strings that I hung over the side of my small pond for their safety.

During the short time I have been here in Colorado, I volunteered my time weekly with an equine facility working with disabled children. A powerful way to give to the community, to develop trust with children in difficult circumstances and be with the magnificent horses who bring so much to all who interact with them. I also volunteered with another equine program who works with veterans, soldiers in trauma, both men and women soldiers. This was an extraordinary program which I am honored to have been a part.

I was asked to write a piece for International Peace Day in 2015 by a wonderful woman, Signe Ramstrom, who lives in Crestone, Colorado. She hosted a beautiful event to honor this day. I wrote and read my piece to the community who came together. You can hear the piece I created if you so choose, as it is recorded, in the Speaking Engagements and Poetry sections under the Enlightened Writing and Media Section of my website.

While living in Arizona, I created my Mayan Raw Cacao Cafe. Both a healing space for connecting with the power of raw cacao through Rainforest nutrition as well as being a space for community to come together.

I created a International Cuisine Meetup group. A diverse gathering met monthly at my house where we would share a delicious meal of various dishes we had each prepared representing a specific region of the world. We would choose a new region at each gathering, often bringing music and drinks known to that part of the world to share as well. It was a great success and a joy to get to know people from all over the world.

Also during my time in Arizona, I was a cast member of the Vagina Monologues for three years in a row, helping to raise consciousness in stopping violence towards women. It was a very powerful experience as the monologues are all true accounts, interviews from women all over the world, not to mention the courage it takes to stand in front of hundreds of people speaking about very delicate subjects. All of the money we raised through our performances went towards helping stop domestic violence locally while opening and expanding community awareness.

I worked, volunteering my time with High Country Raptors, an amazing Bird of Prey program, which gave talks to the community on weekends about different types of birds of prey, environmental stressors, how the public can help protect and support these birds through conscious action and safe choices. Yet another highly educational and special program to have been a member of for a time.

Since losing my son, my precious child, I have needed to step away for a time from giving of myself to community programs, needing to take time to care for my heart.

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Xavier Vidot - Professional Profile

It was due to my conversation with Xavier that I felt working with Ocoos was a good fit for me. My intentions for my website were very specific for holding the information and light in the way it needed to be presented. Xavier has been wonderful to create with. He is smart, kind, insightful and thoughtful. He has continually gone above what his work requires of him, sharing his feelings about my writing, purpose and how to frame it beautifully within my paradigm design. He has been supportive, genuinely caring about the outcome of his commitments and my life work.

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