The Power Of Love

Posted at 2:07 pm on 09/27/2017
Love Is The Singularly Most Healing Element in Our World. It Has The Power To Bring Hope, Healing, New Possibility, Goodness, Trust, Nurturing and Life Back into Even the Most Broken Of Hearts. It Is The Most Profoundly Beautiful Gift We Can Share With One Another, Mother Earth And All Of Life. To Withhold Love Is The Most Damaging Element in Our World. All Of The Most Corrupt Aspects Of Humanity Flourish Where There is An Absence Of Love and Goodness. We Can Change A Life:  Animal, Human, Plant, Aquatic Through Our ACTIONS Of Love. May We Find This Place Within Our Hearts and Live From Here, Act From Here and Blossom From Here. May We Truly Give To Another in THEIR Time Of Need Not When It Is Convenient For Us. The Time Shall Come When We Shall Experience Pain, Sorrow, Difficulty and Need The Same Kindness Bestowed. Let Us Not Wait To Act With Care Until We Are In Need Of It. Each Moment Carries Us All Into a New Place And All Is Possible Should We Choose To Stay Present Within Our Hearts and Our Centers.

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