Summer Rains

Posted at 6:26 pm on 07/27/2020
‚ÄčIt is July of 2020 and the rains have finally begun to fall upon the parched earth of Colorado. In such trying times full of uncertainty and fear, the sun still rises and sets each day. We have myriads of choices as we have had every other day before this one. Perhaps these times are to help remind us of what truly matters to us, what we value, love and cherish. The simple blessings: Time in your garden, spontaneous laughter, the unconditional love of our animal family...  A cup of tea or coffee as you watch the sun rise while listening to the birds sing. Savoring quiet moments in your day, feeling gratitude for what you do have, for what you are in control of and letting go of what you are not. Feeling your desires and dreams rise to the surface of your breath. Feeling your heart beating in your chest fueling life through your body. What will you choose today. What will you open to today. What will you cherish today. What will you let go of today. What will you manifest today.

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