Love and Unexpected Blessings

Posted at 11:35 pm on 08/02/2020
In Every moment, we have the opportunity to choose love in our thoughts, words and actions. Not every person we meet will like us or accept us or be kind to us. We have no control over others. We do have choice in what we choose to feel and how we choose to be in our thoughts, words and actions. Imagine what it would be like to truly walk in another person's shoes. We do our best in each moment based on where we are within ourselves. The world is walking through great turmoil and change and there is a lot of intensity surrounding all of us. Making choices that support us emotionally, spiritually and physically help us to stay grounded within our heart center. This nourishes and supports our ability to choose the best path forward each day. When we do our best each day without expectation of what will come to us, this is when unexpected blessings show up. When we are not looking for them, they bless our doorstep. Often it is not what we would expect which is what makes these unexpected blessings a true gift, something to lift our hearts when we need it the most.

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