Amita's Bio

Amita McBride

#Amita is a gifted seer, pioneer and healer who works with people, animals and the earth from a distance and in person to facilitate deep transformation in all aspects of life. She has a passion to create the extraordinary, personally doing so through her own ongoing awakening, which continues to lead her to many places and people where mutual blessings unfold. Her work is founded upon personal empowerment to one’s path of the heart, helping people align with new paradigms of belief, healing and expansion. Amita is a writer, speaker, artist, gardener and mother.

"My formal education is in pre-med biology and wildlife biology. I had inspiring thoughts to become a doctor and work in the environmental/conservation fields. Western medicine did not have a lasting stand in my life and I discovered early on that this field was filled with many paradoxes. This form of medicine, while beneficial and necessary in some circumstances, isolates and dissociates the mind, body and spirit instead of working on the individual as a whole being. I found this curious and defeating. I did not realize at the time this was a blessing in disguise and would profoundly shape my life later on.

From a very young age, I have been exceptionally connected to nature, animals and the spiritual realms. Children are wonderful in that they have not yet fallen out of touch with the magic of the world, a phenomenon that can occur as adults. It was frightening and confusing for me to see such rich and extraordinary pieces of this world and beyond that others seemed not to even notice much less accept as real.

My life path has lead me through trials of endurance on every level of my being in every venue of my life. Having survived these rites of passage while continuing on through others, I now know, understand, and embrace that the dark and the light are one. Surrendering fully with the utmost humility, trust and patience, you must allow yourself to be embraced completely, to walk with the fire, not be consumed by it.

She who Rides With Fire is my Lakota medicine name.

I spent two years studying with a Lakota medicine woman in the Deer Tribe. Their philosophy includes the teachings of the twisted hairs, the bringing together of teachings of many peoples.

The interwoven dynamics of my life combined with persistence, purpose of being, and continued deep searching (pure stubbornness) have helped me to surrender more deeply and understand "why" I walk such an unusual path. Each thread adding strength to an already powerful cord. I am deeply grateful to have been blessed enough to absorb the teachings and still be here today to continue forward, to soar, though sometimes crashing. A warrior of light continues to get up and move forward, indeed a far more difficult task for some souls to accomplish than for others."

A little about how I flow:

I enjoy people who do not give up, people who know they are the creator of their life, people who smile and spread joy, people who are not afraid to make mistakes or step way out of their comfort zone. People who desire to leave this world a better place, who speak the beauty they feel instead of holding it inside.

I have out-boxed a kangaroo who was attempting to steal my apple in the Australian Outback! I have climbed Mount Olympus, summited all of the Adirondack 46 mountains and hot air ballooned at dawn. I love horses, traveling all over the world meeting and experiencing life to its fullest even when I feel afraid. I love blue, orange and purple and everything in between. I love watching the sun come up and set and feeling the clouds as they move by. I have called a falcon to my fist, drunk wine and eaten grapes in the mountains of Italy and studied Spanish in a small village in Central America. I have done and do ceremony all over the world. I love to cook and laugh and listen to music.. I have journeyed to South America, spending time in the Amazon with the Shipibo Indians and working on the lay lined of Mother Earth.  I love the earth and feel her like an extension of my own breath. I work and experience the spiritual realms the way other people drink their morning coffee. I love spontaneity and adventure. I have helped rebuild a community bread oven in a spiritual center outside Machu Picchu, Peru. I learned how to build a road in a village in Greece followed by moon bathing all night with my best friend. I hitchhiked in the back of a pick up truck through the Australian outback with Aboriginals, swimming in their crocodile infested waters. I love cherries and beautiful warm people. I created my Rainforest Mayan Magic cafe for making sacred healing cacao, helping people open their hearts and reconnecting to their true nature. I have raised goats, chickens, horses and a llama. I love plants, gardening and organic foods and making my own creations from scratch. I love meeting people of all ages and bringing a smile to a stranger's face, community cooking, watching an elder and a child make soup together. I love to create, eat pasta at 2 am and write poetry. I love being free and remembering I can do, be and accomplish anything. I love pushing the limits of thought and watching others open into this realization. I love working with people and helping them know they are already whole. I have an extraordinary connection with nature and animals and have fallen directly into a black bear while hiking in the mountains of Montana. I have hummingbirds come to me when I am sad. I work with consciousness and the quantum field and connect with spirit like clouds that dance across the sky. I write and  perform, adore hiking, surprises, random acts of kindness, meditation, ceremony, glass blowing, my honey bees, working with youth, working with elders around the world, being with the Blue whales in Chile and swimming in primary untouched Rainforest while soaking in double rainbows. I have ridden a horse in a reserve in Argentina across mountains so beautiful, I wept with the magnificence while I ate wild berries off the bushes as I passed by.

I am a visionary, quite simply, I am me.